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Clients, we understand, are under pressure -- often extreme -- to show results when they work with an outside public relations consultant.

Fortunately, we work well under pressure. It could be our journalistic roots showing. In any case, we know that nothing succeeds like success, the sooner the better. So we work hard for our clients to ensure they obtain the results they expect. And more. (Actually, nothing succeeds like excessive success.)

Call us the engineers of new opportunity.

We start work with each client with a clean slate -- and an eagerness to understand the client's marketplace needs, frustrations, obstacles, challenges -- with an eye to finding the opportunities for using communications strategies and tactics to move clients toward their business goals. As rapidly as possible.

Media relations and writing are two of our strong suits, and many clients sing our praises for our work in these areas for them. Rightfully so, since we've worked with thousands of media outlets over the years, giving us a world-class perspective on the media that's hard to top.

But with our deep, multi-disciplinary experience (oh, that big international agency background comes in handy for clients!), we look to apply the best tools for the job at hand, not just those we enjoy doing the most. Special events, content marketing, email marketing, guerilla marketing (what's wrong with donning a Barney-sized dinosaur costume and walking about in public to inform people that everything they think they know about our client's products belongs to a long-gone, prehistoric age?).

Or producing an 8-page, magazine-style newsletter, inserted into daily and community newspapers, to draw people's attention to a new upper-end condominium tower built in an obscure -- but soon to be famous -- corner of downtown?

What we bring to the table for clients is the ability to create marketing opportunities, using public relations tactics, that earn them increased marketplace attention. Getting people's attention is no small matter today either. One recent study showed that 99% of all advertising goes unseen by consumers. So what's the solution? Our idea is to create content, events and stories that people actually want to engage with.

We like working with companies and organizations that challenge us to be our best. If that sounds like you, let's talk.

View the portfolio of Doug Hovelson, president and communicator-in-chief, here: https://clippings.me/doughovelson